The EPI Alumni Association

A network of graduates encouraging fellowship and providing special services

The EPI alumni association was established to build strong and caring relationships that makes a difference among current EPI scholarship students, alumni, friends, and the greater Ghana community. The alumni association is comprised of graduates from the University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the University for Development Studies, and Ashesi University College who have all benefited from the EPI scholarship while undertaking their undergraduate degrees.

It is designed to provide support to all of its members as well as EPI recipients currently enrolled in the scholarship program.

With their varied types of experience, skill-sets, and qualifications in fields such as Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Banking and Finance, Business and Communication, alumni association members have distinguished themselves in their varying professions while demonstrating their desire to give back to society through voluntary work.

In terms of its philanthropy, the group is currently working in selected Senior High Schools in Ghana to provide mentoring, teaching support, public health education, scholarship application processes, motivation, and career development information to students and staff. These services are entirely voluntary with all funding borne by the EPI alumni.