Meet The Students

The students that have been awarded the EPI scholarships share several things in common:
  • They predominantly come from rural areas with limited economies
  • The vast majority come from single parent households
  • Most have had to interrupt their elementary and/or secondary education because of family finances, but somehow persevered
  • They all dreamed of what could be and worked hard to achieve grades that would get them into university
  • All are exceedingly bright, strongly motivated, with a well defined career end goal and an interest in “giving back” to their community and country
  • None would be able to attend university without an EPI scholarship
Many of these students come from families where they are the first to pursue a higher education. Many come from families where their parents and even some of their siblings ended their educations in the elementary grades.
They all want to set an example for their family, community, and country. In today’s global world, they recognize how important it is for the standard of education to be elevated in theirs and future generations.

Their majors cover a wide spectrum: accountancy, political science, education, economics, business administration, psychology, natural science, computer science, law, finance, agribusiness, surveying, human settlement planning, and medicine. Each has an understanding of where their discipline fits into Ghanaian society and how they can be successful. All work hard; all have grade point averages well above B+. No EPI scholarship recipients have left the program.

They also share a love of country and an interest in participating in its growth.

They are a remarkable group. The best and the brightest. The true hope for the nation’s future!