EPI Alumni Continue To Support Rural Akim Asafo Senior High School

Founded in 2012 by EPI’s first graduating class, the EPI Alumni Association’s charter includes involvement in service projects as part of their desire to “give back to the community” what they received from EPI. The first program in which they embarked was in association with Akim Asafo Senior High School.

Located in rural Ghana, over the years the school has benefitted from both gifts as well as on-site summer teaching and mentoring sessions conducted by EPI beneficiaries.

On April 30, 2024, a group of EPI alumni visited the school to present this year’s gift, seven laptops and an assortment of Mathematics, Physics and English textbooks.

Students, faculty, and staff gathered to receive these items The headmistress and her staff expressed their great appreciation.

Further assistance this year by the alumni is under discussion.