Today, global wealth is concentrated less and less in factories, land, tools, and machinery. Knowledge has become a springboard for economic growth and development. It improves individual lives and enriches wider society. It raises wages and productivity, which makes individuals and countries richer. It offers cultural and political benefits, such as providing a forum in which a society can examine its problems and identify appropriate solutions, as well as offering a setting in which its culture and values can be studied and developed.

With today’s economy becoming more and more knowledge based, having an educated people enables a country not only to benefit locally, but to also improve its ability to compete in an increasingly global world.

It is for these reasons Leonard and Sara Lafrance established Educational Pathways International. During the course of their lives, they have had the opportunity to travel extensively, both for business and for pleasure, and have been very affected by what they encountered. There is no doubt in their minds that there are extraordinary young people in remote parts of the world that, given access to higher education, would make a difference in their societies and the world. Educational Pathways International exists to make this happen.