University of Ghana Posts EPI Visit on Web Site

President of Educational Pathways International (EPI) USA, Mrs. Sara Lafrance, has visited the University of Ghana to interact with beneficiaries of the EPI scholarship and also to conduct selection interviews for new students.

She and her husband, Mr. Leonard Lafrance, called on the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, as part of their visit to the University to interview and administer EPI’s scholarships to students of the University who have applied for financial assistance and have subsequently been shortlisted.

Welcoming the team, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo expressed appreciation on behalf of the University to the benefactors for their continuous support in the area of education. She commended the EPI for consistently maintaining its partnership with the university for over a decade. Prof. Amfo noted that the University has brilliant but needy students who can achieve academic laurels in the future if they are given the necessary financial support. She pledged the University’s unflinching support to ensuring that the partnership between EPI and the University is further strengthened.

Mrs. Sara Lafrance, in her remarks, expressed appreciation to the University for its continuous support. She noted that EPI is an initiative programme that recognizes, supports and empowers gifted young people in need through a comprehensive University Scholarship programme, enabling them to develop their talents and make a difference in their country.

The EPI President disclosed that the scholarship covers the tuition and accommodation fees for students. Mrs. Lafrance added that the initiative was more than a scholarship. She disclosed that they have been organizing programmes and seminars where they take the beneficiaries through a variety of topics and leadership training skills.

She further recounted that graduates of the EPI scholarship have formed an association in order to keep in touch with one another and take on humanitarian projects in the society.

In his remarks, Mr. Leonard Lafrance expressed appreciation to the University for identifying and choosing the right candidates for the scheme. He added that they have a board that also screens the candidates to select the qualified ones.

The head of the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO), Mrs. Christine Banning, noted that the EPI has operated in the University of Ghana since 2008/2009 and has over the years become quite a competitive scholarship. She added that at the end of the call for applications, there was a total of 63 applicants for the 2019/2020 academic year which was made up of 40 males and 23 females, 35 of which were freshmen/women at level 100 and 28 continuing students. She revealed that the process the students went through was a competitive one. “There was the first short listing which was followed by the first set of interviews, a second short list which was sent to EPI for screening and a third short listing” she said. Mrs. Banning indicated that 15 applicants would be interviewed and the successful ones would be chosen.

Present at the meeting were Ms. Eunice Egan, Local Director EPI, Mrs. Maame Efua Ocansey, Fundraiser, Students Financial Aid Office and Mr. Henry Djane, Students Financial Aid Office.